Impact is a cloud-based service that enables organisations to easily measure and demonstrate the impact that they're making on the local community.

For many service providers, without the aid of specialist Impact reporting tools, generating and presenting this data can be a complicated time consuming process, expending valuable resources that lean organisations can ill-afford to spare. The Impact service has been specifically designed to address this need, enabling providers to quickly and efficiently produce a report that demonstrates the Local Impact that they have made.

The Impact service is logical and easy to use. You simply select the appropriate module from a range of readymade modules (eg Employment, Health, Family etc) then complete the data screen using intuitive visually appealing data entry screens with pull-down fields. Flexible reporting allows you to select the indicators that you wish to present in the order that you wish. You can produce your results using customisable infographic reports that allow you to add your own logo and choose your preferred colour scheme. The graphical layout makes the report-building process fast and enjoyable, enabling reports to be easily completed on a tablet or mobile (as well as a laptop or desktop).

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