• Call Handling provide cloud-based virtual call centres for organisations that need to manage inbound calls without incurring the costs of a staffed call centre (e.g., NHS and third sector helpline services). Dizions are currently working on an interface that will enable details of incoming calls and outbound responses to be recorded against client records on the Crossdata Case Management system.

  • everyLIFE Technologies are the creators of the PASSsystem care management platform. The system can be packaged together with the Crossdata rostering and call-round mobile service to provide a comprehensive care management solution.

  • Frontier Group provide the hardware and communication services for those customers who have chosen the "one-stop" packaged solution for the Crossdata Call-round service. Customers selecting this option get a single bill from Frontier Group encompassing all voice, data and hardware charges.

  • INTEROPen is an OPEN collaboration of software developers, standards organisations and care providers, who have agreed to work together to accelerate the development of open standards for interoperability in the health and social care sector. Dizions are a committed member of the group.

  • Rackspace are the cloud company entrusted to securely host Crossdata's cloud-based services. The company is acknowledged as a leading global supplier of data hosting. Given the critical importance of this service, we regard Rackspace as a key partner who are integral to our service offering.

  • Triangle Consulting are the social enterprise behind the Outcomes Star, an evidence based tool for measuring and supporting the progress of clients towards self-reliance or other goals. The service integrates with the Crossdata Case Manager reporting suite.