Commissioning for Impact

Commissioning for Impact (CFI) is a cloud-based service that enables commissioners and procurement teams to demonstrate the added social, economic, and environmental value from public expenditure.

The service has been designed in response to the The Public Services (Social Value) Act which came into force on 31 January 2013. The Act requires people who commission public services to think about how they can also secure wider social, economic and environmental benefits. Currently many commissioners may not have a clear reference point as to what constitutes a social value or what indicators they should use. There are also obvious practical difficulties in getting all the various providers and contractors to report back consistently so that commissioners can assemble meaningful evidence of the impact of their contracts.

CFI solves this problem by providing an uncomplicated easy-to-use system that enables commissioners to set mandatory impact indicators that will be required from every contract. Commissioners can quickly set up the contract details within CFI, creating KPI's, tolerance parameters and traffic light alerts etc. The indicators to be monitored can be selected from a pull-down indicator list. The service comes with a powerful customisable dashboard (with cumulative readings) that provides an instant assessment of each contract's impact.

CFI can be thought of as the reciprocal of Impact (the corresponding Crossdata provider solution). A dedicated webpage enables providers to quickly and easily upload their prepared Impact data. Once the provider administrator has entered their organisation's data, pressing the submit button takes them on to their personalised dashboard where they can see their results in relation to other providers. Contractors / providers will then receive an email summarising their data, with amber and red alerts highlighting areas of weak performance.

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