Add-on products

In addition to the core components of the Crossdata suite, Crossdata provide a number of optional "add-on" products that enhance the Case Manager solution:

Address Validation is an optional add-on service to Case Manager that enables users to quickly and easily verify the correct address from a given postcode or partial address. The service can be embedded into Case Manager, offering an impressive "Smart Search" facility for any address or part of a postcode. The service incorporates intelligent searches that recognise and understand partial misspellings. All addresses are verified against updated quality data sources.

Online text messaging enables users to send online SMS text messages to selected contacts without having to use a mobile phone. The service provides users with a fast and simple text messaging option from within the Case Manager system, combining the communication benefits of SMS text messaging with the power and resource of the Case Manager CRM. Online text messaging allows two way communication, so that answers to messages can be sent back directly into Case Manager, read and actioned if necessary. The service has proven to be very popular with Crossdata customers, allowing users to quickly send messages and urgent reminders to contacts who are away from their office and unable to view emails. The service also provides the option to send a joint message to a group of people, selected, say, from a report. This is the text equivalent of a mail merge.

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