Call-round is a community workforce solution that uses the mobile phone to exchange real-time information between community support workers and their office supervisors. Used in conjunction with the Crossdata Case Management and Roster services, Call-round offers integrated roster updates, visit verification, wellbeing recording, and loneworker safeguarding.

Using Call-round, support workers are able to view their live schedules on their mobile phone, with schedule updates conveyed from the office in real time.

Arrival and departure from the client's address is verified with the minimum of fuss and conveyed in real-time to the office, enabling supervisors to respond immediately to any missed visits or breakdown in service. Call-round works seamlessly with the cloud-based Crossdata suite of services, with all Call-round data securely stored in Case Manager and made available immediately to authorised office staff.

Live data is continuously exchanged between Call-round and Crossdata Case Manager via background synchronisation. If cellular signal is temporarily lost, Call-round automatically updates as soon as the 3G/4G connection is restored.

Call-round can either be purchased as a fully managed packaged solution (with a single provider responsible for all hardware and data communication matters), or the service can be purchased on a "use your own device" arrangement where the call-round app is used on the support worker's own phone.

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